Marissa & Ryan Married at The Manor

Marissa & Ryan were married at The Manor, in Kettleby on the grounds of Carrying Place Golf Course.  Fabulous location with beautiful grounds and superb food!  And a lovely red barn just down the road that just called out for pictures!  They had such a relaxed day with a small gathering for the service, drinks & food, off we went for some pictures, then back again for cocktails and meet more guests.   No hurries, no worries!  Marissa, you looked stunning in that gorgeous lacey dress and those pearl buttons!  And check out that ring – gorgeous!  (and the chocolate it was sitting on was just yummy too! Thanks! Tough job I have! :) )  Oh, and Ryan, nice teddy bears.  Wasn’t it nice they got to join you on your wedding day! lol

Congratulations!  Wishing you many years of happiness!


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Lindsay & Mat’s Wedding at Elmhirst Resort

Elmhirst Resort on Rice Lake has become one of my favourite places for weddings.  Not only do they serve up fabulous food, take great care of their guests, but they also have superb locations for pictures.  It turned out to be a wet, cold day for Mat & Lindsay’s wedding in September, but it didn’t stop the fun with the wacky wedding party, nor the fabulous pictures.  In all the years I have shot weddings there, I didn’t even know that this awesome wine cellar existed!!!   Lindsay, you looked stunning and Mat, well what can I say about a  man in a kilt! :) Thank you for having me photograph your wedding day!
1437lindsaymatsept1215   1329lindsaymatsept1215


0103lindsaymatsept1215   0091lindsaymatsept1215
0178lindsaymatsept1215     0224lindsaymatsept1215   0246lindsaymatsept1215 0186lindsaymatsept1215   0260lindsaymatsept1215      0320lindsaymatsept1215 0290lindsaymatsept1215 0367lindsaymatsept1215 0376lindsaymatsept1215 0412lindsaymatsept1215 0463lindsaymatsept1215 0478lindsaymatsept1215 0480lindsaymatsept1215 0489lindsaymatsept1215 0506lindsaymatsept1215 0516lindsaymatsept1215 0528lindsaymatsept1215 0535lindsaymatsept1215 0538lindsaymatsept1215 0553lindsaymatsept1215 0583lindsaymatsept1215      0555lindsaymatsept1215 0609lindsaymatsept1215   0647lindsaymatsept1215 0664lindsaymatsept1215 0670lindsaymatsept1215 0775lindsaymatsept1215 0686lindsaymatsept1215  



What does a man really wear under his kilt? 0845lindsaymatsept1215 0827lindsaymatsept1215 0894lindsaymatsept1215 0927lindsaymatsept1215
1048lindsaymatsept1215 1115lindsaymatsept1215 1090lindsaymatsept1215 1133lindsaymatsept1215 1163lindsaymatsept1215 1194lindsaymatsept1215 1255lindsaymatsept1215 1205lindsaymatsept1215 1340lindsaymatsept1215   

This is so, one of my favourite pictures of the day!  1410lindsaymatsept1215 1359lindsaymatsept1215
1396lindsaymatsept1215 1422lindsaymatsept1215 1454lindsaymatsept1215 1463lindsaymatsept1215 1480lindsaymatsept1215 1531lindsaymatsept1215 1590lindsaymatsept1215 1597lindsaymatsept1215 1599lindsaymatsept1215 1662lindsaymatsept1215 1672lindsaymatsept1215 1734lindsaymatsept1215 1738lindsaymatsept1215 1781lindsaymatsept1215 1810lindsaymatsept1215 1812lindsaymatsept1215 1815lindsaymatsept1215 1866lindsaymatsept1215 1874lindsaymatsept1215 1938lindsaymatsept1215 1948lindsaymatsept1215 1956lindsaymatsept1215

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Michelle & Jeff’s Wedding at South Pond Farms

I always look forward to a wedding at South Pond Farm…its just so pretty!!!  And Michelle & Jeff’s wedding was no exception.  We had a beautiful day!  Couldn’t ask for better.  Warm & sunny September day – perfect from start to finish!  Michelle was just stunning!!!  Last time I saw Jeff he had a long beard – this was quite a change and oh so very handsome!!  The car was the very same one her parents rode away in on their wedding.  What a special moment from Michelle & her Mom.

Thank you,  Michelle & Jeff, for having me photograph your wedding.  Here’s wishing you a long and happy marriage.  


0296michellejeffsept52015 0342michellejeffsept52015 0303michellejeffsept52015 0409michellejeffsept52015 0466michellejeffsept52015 0442michellejeffsept52015 0488michellejeffsept52015 0507michellejeffsept52015 0547michellejeffsept52015 0627michellejeffsept52015 0562michellejeffsept52015 0591michellejeffsept52015 0598michellejeffsept52015 0640michellejeffsept52015 0646michellejeffsept52015 0713michellejeffsept52015 0681michellejeffsept52015 0696michellejeffsept52015 0743michellejeffsept52015 0772michellejeffsept52015 0820michellejeffsept52015 0838michellejeffsept52015 0869michellejeffsept52015 0920michellejeffsept52015 0888michellejeffsept52015 1008michellejeffsept52015 0924michellejeffsept52015 0963michellejeffsept52015 1092michellejeffsept52015 1014michellejeffsept52015 1157michellejeffsept52015 1205michellejeffsept52015 1172michellejeffsept52015 1425michellejeffsept52015 1249michellejeffsept52015 1319michellejeffsept52015 1473michellejeffsept52015 1533michellejeffsept52015 1557michellejeffsept52015
1673michellejeffsept52015 1757michellejeffsept52015 1775michellejeffsept52015 1785michellejeffsept52015 1806michellejeffsept52015 1819michellejeffsept52015 1847michellejeffsept52015 1860michellejeffsept52015 1867michellejeffsept52015 1886michellejeffsept52015

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Stephanie & Trevor – Wedding at Baxter Creek Golf Club

What a pretty day!!!!!  Blue skies during the (hot) day and pretty sunset to finish it off!  Love, love, love that pretty veil and gorgeous dress.  Stephanie, you were radiant!  I don’t think I will ever forget just how cute those flower girls were!  Best petal droppers ever!  Even picked them up when they were done!  When the minister announced MR & MRS CRAGO, one of them dropped her basket and started clapping!  It was soo cute. I wish I could have seen her face!  Check out the groom’s ring.  Camouflage. Yup, that was a first for me!  And that cake by Enticing Cakes of Peterborough….oh pretty, pretty, pretty!  Cheers to the staff of Baxter Creek Golf Club for another beautiful wedding and great dinner!  They always work so hard to give a bride the wedding of her dreams!

Congratulations Stephanie & Trevor.  Thanks for having me be a part of your day!

1762stephtrevoraug2215 0035stephtrevoraug2215 0016stephtrevoraug2215 0091stephtrevoraug2215 0082stephtrevoraug2215 0113stephtrevoraug2215 0104stephtrevoraug2215

0219stephtrevoraug2215 0176stephtrevoraug2215 0185stephtrevoraug2215 0357stephtrevoraug2215 0222stephtrevoraug2215 0303stephtrevoraug2215 0346stephtrevoraug2215 0405stephtrevoraug2215 0480stephtrevoraug2215 0569stephtrevoraug2215

0605stephtrevoraug2215 0586stephtrevoraug2215
0657stephtrevoraug2215 0722stephtrevoraug2215

0733stephtrevoraug2215 0909stephtrevoraug2215 0738stephtrevoraug2215 0786stephtrevoraug2215 0828stephtrevoraug2215
0994stephtrevoraug2215 0973stephtrevoraug2215 0982stephtrevoraug2215 1013stephtrevoraug2215 1011stephtrevoraug2215 1031stephtrevoraug2215 1032stephtrevoraug2215 1037stephtrevoraug2215 1099stephtrevoraug2215 1078stephtrevoraug2215
1224stephtrevoraug2215 1181stephtrevoraug2215 1184stephtrevoraug2215 1216stephtrevoraug2215 1256stephtrevoraug2215 1283stephtrevoraug2215 1292stephtrevoraug2215 1305stephtrevoraug2215 1339stephtrevoraug2215 1369stephtrevoraug2215
1448stephtrevoraug2215 1489stephtrevoraug2215 1579stephtrevoraug2215 1618stephtrevoraug2215
1674stephtrevoraug2215 1688stephtrevoraug2215 1699stephtrevoraug2215
1808stephtrevoraug2215       1818stephtrevoraug2215 1820stephtrevoraug2215   
1625stephtrevoraug2215      1731stephtrevoraug2215 1782stephtrevoraug2215

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