Katelyn & Kenny – Wedding at South Pond Farms with Kim Magee Photography

It was another beautiful wedding day South Pond Farms near Bethany, Ontario. Katelyn & Kenny lucked out on some of our best weather of the summer! They were a gorgeous bunch of women, and the men, well, they were looking mighty dandy in those jeans, vests & boots! Yowza! Such a great group! They even took a hike across the field – and I mean a LONG way- across the fields to come upon some beautiful blue flowers to highlight those pretty dresses! Katelyn had a slight hitch in flowers not making it to the event, but no worries, Danielle & the team at South Pond rounded up some new bouquets that looked lovely! I was impressed, Katelyn took it all in huge stride. I always tell my brides, don’t worry about things like that, that may happen. It can usually be fixed!
I am so in love* with these pictures of Katelyn & Kenny – just in love with them! But I have to say, a couple of the images that stand out the most, are of Mom dancing with her son & of Dad giving his speech. Such pride & love showing in both parents! I think all of you are very lucky!
Katelyn & Kenny, thank you for having me capture your day! This is just a tiny taste…about 500 more to come!


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Summer & Chris at Elmhirst Resort with Kim Magee Photography

It was a beautiful blue sky day for Summer & Chris’s wedding at Elmhirst Resort on Rice Lake. Check out the great idea that was put together for the aisle!!! Walk through your friends and family – be encircled by them!!! The flowers were wild & seasonal- so beautiful – by Helen Knibb from Ironwood Farm near Peterborough. So many unique little bits throughout the wedding for charm & simplicity. And then there was the ring bearer, who decided it was way too hot and and he wasnt going down the aisle. And if he did, he certainly wasnt going to do it with a shirt on!
Summer & Chris, thank you for having me there. Enjoy!
OH, and btw, wasn’t Summer HOT in that dress!!! WOWSA! Just had to add that in!

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Christine & Josh

I just posted this on my Facebook page, but in case you are not a FB’er, you had to see a few here. I am rather addicted to these pictures right now, with Christine & Josh and I can’t wait for the wedding at the same spot!!! It is going to be beautiful!!!


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Dan & Andrea – Sunderland, Ontario – Kim Magee Photography

My first wedding of the season and so happy for it to be among friends in Sunderland! (Also known as Teefy-land!)
It was a most gorgeous day on the farm, skeet shooting with Dan & the boys – I got in my target practice too -even hit the paper target! LOL When I got to the Teefy home, the bride & bridesmaids were all getting makeup done on the porch. What a perfect day. I came to know it was perfect weather as Mom & Dad put a knife in the ground & a broom in the tree for the previous 2 weeks. Yup, that sure did it. Keep that in mind all you brides with upcoming weddings! I mentioned before in my FB posts that Andrea never stops smiling & laughing. Really. It’s true. Keep an eye throughout and you’ll see what I mean. I got pictures downtown Sunderland. First time ever. With all the Sunderland connections, it was finally time. We had more pictures back at the farm and then off to Udora Hall for a great dinner and some good east coast stomping on the dance floor! It was a great night and I will say it again. I love everyone I have met from Sunderland and so glad to have been a part of your lives in this way and made some friends for life.
Congratulations Dan & Andrea!

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