January Bridal Special with Kim Magee Photography

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2015 with Kim Magee Photography

Just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU”  to all my 2015 clients!

I wish you all a Happy & Prosperous New Year and look forward to serving you in 2016.

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Jessica & Russell at the farm with Kim Magee Photography



What a day it was!

There was sunshine, dark clouds, rain, hail, more dark clouds and rain, more sunshine!

That was Jessica & Russell’s wedding day in November – not unlike these December days!  We started the day at their home, with the girls hitchhiking their way to the farm!  Well, not really, but we did have some fun with the horns blowing & cheering on a good looking bunch of ladies and a gorgeous bride.  We met up with the guys at the Lee family farm, which has the most awesome view!!  So the rain, sunshine, hail & dark skies all made that view even better!  I do love a “first look”, where the bride & groom see each other before the wedding and have their own time seeing each other in all their glory!  Russ never stopped smiling ear to ear all day.  He is not only one happy guy, but one very happy groom!  We scrambled in & out of the wood shed & barn taking pictures before we headed to Port Perry for a fabulous dinner by Dianne’s Country Cooking and then on to the church in Greenbank! It was a lovely ceremony, highlighted by the Maid of Honour escorting her best friend down the aisle by violin (or fiddle…what do you call it???) and then escorting Mr. & Mrs. Lee back the aisle!  It was sooooo beautiful!!!

Then it was off to the party, back in Port Perry, with a handsome young band playing and many more friends greeting the bride & groom!

Russell & Jessica, thank you for having me capture your day!  It was a hoot!

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Marissa & Ryan Married at The Manor

Marissa & Ryan were married at The Manor, in Kettleby on the grounds of Carrying Place Golf Course.  Fabulous location with beautiful grounds and superb food!  And a lovely red barn just down the road that just called out for pictures!  They had such a relaxed day with a small gathering for the service, drinks & food, off we went for some pictures, then back again for cocktails and meet more guests.   No hurries, no worries!  Marissa, you looked stunning in that gorgeous lacey dress and those pearl buttons!  And check out that ring – gorgeous!  (and the chocolate it was sitting on was just yummy too! Thanks! Tough job I have! :) )  Oh, and Ryan, nice teddy bears.  Wasn’t it nice they got to join you on your wedding day! lol

Congratulations!  Wishing you many years of happiness!


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