Crystal & Doug’s Wedding at South Pond Farms with Kim Magee Photography





Doug & Crystal were married, surrounded by friends & family, at the beautiful South Pond Farm at the end of June.  It was a gorgeous day from start to finish.  There were several charming kids filling their wedding party, who were the best behaved bunch of kids I have ever seen in a wedding party!    Charming.  I couldn’t stop taking their picture!!!   The Groom and many of his friends were a buff bunch of Rugby players you wouldn’t want to mess with on the field, but in reality, all kind & charming gentlemen and goofballs.  (You know who you are 😉 The ladies were gorgeous in their pale pink dresses!  I can’t get enough of the beautiful detail on the back of Crystal’s dress!   Watch the cork getting popped and SWEET CAROLINE!  What a hoot!  A beautiful, relaxing  & fun wedding all around!   Congratulations Doug & Crystal.  Thanks for having me!
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Molly & Maverick – Wedding at Pinestone Resort, Haliburton with Kim Magee Photography

It was a beautiful day from start to finish at the Pinestone Resort near Haliburton, Ontario, for  Molly & Maverick’s wedding!  She was a fun & gorgeous bride with a bunch of  family and friends who I have been lucky enough to have gotten to know at an earlier wedding. And groomie, who may not be too excited about pictures, sure took a good one! From arriving in style  – and driving – the golf cart to meet her him for “first glance” before the wedding, all the way to some of my favourite first dances ever, it was  a lovely day and fun was had by all.

Best Wishes for a happy future together!  Remember now Maverick, she has the upper hand! lol   01 02 03 04 05 06 07
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Rachel & Patrick at Belcroft Estates near Bradford

I’m terrible about about posting on my blog. I see it has been quite a long since I have updated it.  I have the pictures, and the memories and so much to share, but I just can’t get the words out to go with them!  I have already re-written this post a half dozen times to get things right!   I guess that’s why I am a photographer and not an author!   But here we go again.  It’s wedding season!

So, I’m keeping it simple!  Let the photographs tell the story.

Congratulations Rachel & Patrick.  Thank you for having me capture your story. :)
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January Bridal Special with Kim Magee Photography

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BRIDES, come to visit me and have a chance to win Engagement Pictures!
january wedding special9

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