Steve & Krista’s Wedding – Brooklea Golf & Country Club

It was only a month ago, but I think Krista will tell you it seems like forever since she married Steve, the man of her dreams, at the Brooklea Golf & CC in Midland. (or it least seems forever cuz she can’t stand waiting for the pictures! lol)
It was a cold, wet day, but the rain managed to hold off for *most* of the day. And what rain we did have, just made the day entertaining! Nothing like dark skies & jumpin’ some puddles, just like when you were a kid! At the very least a little running around kept us warm. ┬áNow Steve is not a big fan of shooting pictures, however, Steve does like to do the worm. And can he do it! CRAZY man! I never saw anyone go so high!!!
Congratulations Steve & Krista!

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