Lyndsay & Murphy – ENGAGEMENT

Yikes! Just having gone thru my posts for the year so far I realize I have been very deliquent in updating my galleries and blog posts! And even worse, its already June!!! There just never seems to be enough hours in the day, days in a week, etc. And I wish I could clone myself for one of me to work in the office and one to be holding a camera! (The one holding the camera has so much more fun!) But over the next couple of weeks I promise to post regularly and I’ll let you know when the galleries are fresh and new!

So in the meantime, I am going to slide back a bit and post some images from the last couple of months.  Lyndsay & Murphy will be getting married in a couple of weeks.  When we did their engagement pictures – the first time – it was 20 below.  We didnt get very far along and I suggested we just wait for a warmer day.  And so we did, a few weeks later, and it was 10 above.  A 30 degree temperature change is quite dramatic and it sure made for alot more fun! They shared their shoot with their beautiful daughter, Lily, who steals the show!



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