Ashley & Justin’s WEDDING

June 17th. What a crazy day it was for Ashley & Justin’s wedding at their beautiful home near Pontypool.

They had worked so hard to finish their home and complete gorgeous landscaping for a superb location for their wedding.  The flowers & chairs were out, the wine & food were waiting and the guests were rolling in. But a decision was made to hold off on the outdoor ceremony for an hour.

Rain. More rain.  Thunder. Lightning. Wind. Rain.   And the rain just wouldn’t stop.

So everyone boarded buses and headed off the reception site, 10 minutes away.  What happens??? Just guess.  Yes, the sun comes out!   You just had to laugh! Ashley took it all in stride and her day to this handsome fellow just carried on without a hitch.  Fabulous pictures to follow, in the sunshine, a great dinner and one heck of a party that I was so happy to capture.  Thanks for having me!

Best Wishes for year to come!

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