Beautiful You – My Story

Yes, that’s me. A self portrait. I love to photograph other women and show them how beautiful they are, boost their confidence and self esteem. That is why I started BEAUTIFUL YOU. But truth is, it’s very hard to see the beauty in my own self. I can find it easily in others, being on the other side of the camera, but I struggle in finding it in myself and I think most importantly, holding on to it. Like every other woman, I am very hard on myself, always battling my weight and cringing at my photos, hiding behind the camera.    Clients coming for their own Beautiful You shoot would ask where are the pictures of me. Here I am telling them how important it is to have a great picture of themselves, and I had nothing of myself.  So it was time for me to step up to the plate.  I had a lot of fun scurrying between the camera and the chair, battling timers/shutters/focus..etc…I took a zillion pictures, with about a dozen in focus at the end of it all.  But in the end I was really pleased with myself and saw something new in me. And it really has given me new confidence and determination for my daily life. Now I am going to hang one or two on my walls to remind me every day of the woman I am.
Btw, thank you to Cathy Allan Ladies Wear for the lovely green & black dress.      

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