Celebrating 25 years in business! Kim Magee Photography, Lindsay, Ontario

March 2018 marks my 25th year in business.   It’s really exciting to say that.  Brings the proud tears to my eyes.  I never thought when I started it would be like this.  At the beginning I was taking pictures of pets and horses and really just wanted to be a National Geographic photographer.  I managed the Zellers photo lab at the Lindsay mall and hung my scenic shots out to help sell frames.  Customers would often ask me to take family pictures for them, but I would say “why would I want to take pictures of people?”  lol

One day a lovely customer, Gail, kept asking me to take her daughter’s wedding photos.  She asked me repeatedly, and finally, I gave in.  I charged $50.  ( Yes, $50 I had no idea what was ahead.)  And that was the true beginning of it all! Thank you Gail for asking and to your daughter Tracy and her husband for allowing it.  You sent me in a whole new direction.  Yes, that’s them in the photo below.

Since then its been nearly 500 weddings,  well over 1500 in family photos, engagements, babies and most recently Beautiful You portraits.  I have made so many wonderful friends over the years, including my best friend as a bride.  I’ve traveled all about Ontario and I’ve been told, I get to talk a lot, which is really a good thing for me. lol   It has been fantastic.  And I have all of you to thank for it.

There are many years ahead and I would love to meet more people. So I’ll be celebrating this year with some great draws, giveaways and deals!  Keep your eyes on Face Book for the good stuff!

In the meantime, check out the video on my Face Book page   I had sooo much fun going through the past.  I wish I had more to show from the film years – which were 15 of the 25- and I wish I could add more people to the video.  However, it started out a half hour long, then I had to keep chopping it down to a usable length. So its 6 minutes long. And if you see yourself in there, send me an email kimmageephoto@gmail.com or if you are watching on FB, then comment your name on there.

Thanks again for all these years.  Let’s go for at least another 20!



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