Emma & Jason Married by the Creek, Portland, Ontario

I’m not usually one for writing a story with the photos, but this wedding, I have lots to talk about!  (Now I know everyone who knows me is laughing!)

This was a very special day for me, my niece, Emma’s wedding.  The days & weeks preceding the wedding, my excitement and happiness for her led me to tears.   I was also fearful of how I was going to take pictures, while bawling. But I did manage to keep it together (mostly) on the day. I slipped into photographer mode and the day was captured!

It started out a gorgeous day, not too hot, with a calm bride and family.  Dad was building doors to shed (interesting day to pick to do some carpentry), girls were sitting about having coffee in their pajamas and Mom was getting the pulled pork in the slow cooker for dinner! All just a regular day!!!  Then things started to hustle and hair was getting done, dresses on and guests arriving.  I met the groom and his family for the first time, and  what a fantastic family they are!

Emma & Jason were married by the creek in the backyard, where her & her sister played as children.  The most charming kids, the bride’s cousins, tossed petals and carried signs and looking so darn charming when walked down the aisle!!!  They were so well behaved during the ceremony, with all the charm of kids their age!  Don’t you love the pictures of the boys and umbrellas???   Then Emma & her Dad walked down a long path lined with hosta, through the red pine, a tree stand Ive watched for years get developed by her parents into the nearly the perfect park it is today.  She met up with that perfect young man,  (handsome fella – good choice Em) who was beaming watching his bride.  I choked back a couple tears as they met and I saw the happiness on her face!  A hummingbird stopped in front of them during the ceremony, as if to give its approval.  (unfortunately i didnt grab that shot – moves to fast lol) The rest of the day carried on with pictures all taken on the creek, including a canoe ride,  a great pulled pork dinner and time spent with the closest of friends and family.  It was truly a perfect day.

Best wishes for a long & happy marriage.  Love you forever.

(Btw, how did he take the water issue at the new house lol?????)

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