Avery & Oliver get married in Blackstock, Ontario

Every wedding has something that will always stick in my memory.

Avery & Oliver’s wedding had 2 things…

First one of the day – the guys googling how to fold the handkerchief!! LOL  The men were all gathered and actually trying to do it!  I have NEVER seen this before.  EVER.  And pretty sure it wont happen again! Avery, you must know they worked hard at making sure they looked good when they came down the aisle!

The second, yes, you guessed it. It was the car!  The beautiful car that the guys refused to touch when gathering them up for group shots.  Dad already gave permission and I checked them over for anything scratchy, but they still didn’t want to.  “I’ve never been able to go near it before, let alone, touch it!!!”   For all the car lovers out there, I took good care with it!  And didn’t the bride & groom look unbelievably sexy in it???  Gorgeous!!!

What a fantastic day for everyone involved . (Im not sure if Groom will be happy with the bawling-his-eyes-out picture of him when his bride was coming down the aisle.  But I really couldn’t resist! After all, he did get THAT book! 😉

Best Wishes for a long & happy life together.  Thank you for allowing me to be apart of it!

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