I have a mop of curly blonde hair, which blows in my face & makes me that much cuter, so I’ve been told. I’m a proud mother of one handsome son in college, who is way taller than his mother!

 ( But that didn’t take much to happen!)

I often shoot perched on a stool for all you tall people! I fly by the seat of my pants when I take your pictures.             Wanna come fly with me?

That’s the simple version.  Read on for a little more!


I have been a wedding & portrait photographer for 25 years!

I love to photograph women, showing them at their best, uplifting and  empowering them.  I call this ‘Beautiful You’

and you’ll never have more fun getting your photograph taken.

I will probably be 70 years old perched on my stool taking your picture.  Though I might have to have some young hunky dunky holding me up there! lol

I love to travel,  especially ROAD TRIPS!

I love MOOSETRACKS ice cream.  Kawartha Dairy Rocks!

I cry at almost every wedding I attend.  It doesn’t matter if I knew you before or not.  I will sob.  It usually happens during a speech.

I love to read.  Wilbur Smith is my favourite author.

I love sappy movies.  I bawl during them.  Thank God for Netflix!

My favourite TV shows of all time are Grey’s Anatomy, Californication, Sex & the City, Ally McBeal, Friends and Weeds.

    Oh, and can’t forget M*A*S*H or Three’s Company.

Whoever decided to make colouring books for adults was absolutely brilliant.

You’ll find a stack of them at my house.

My friends are just as important as my family. LOVE YOU GUYS!

I love to bake. You will never be disappointed with a meal at my house.

Or a party, for that matter.

Never turn down a good margarita or a mojito.

I grew up on a farm in North Western Ontario near a little town call EMO.  Yes, it’s called Emo. Google it.

I went to school at SSFC, where I took Fish & Wildlife.

Turning 40 was a good thing.

I can still do the splits.  Yup.  I can.  Don’t believe me?  I’ll show you sometime.

My son figured out this new website in 2 hours.  I screamed at it for weeks.

I love country,  rock & dance music.  I love the oldies from the 40’s & 50’s.

I love to dance! (and sing some too..but that part isn’t very good! lol)

I’m a happy person with great life, family & friends.

Let’s take some pictures and you can be part of my great life & friends too!