Beautiful You


Beautiful You


I invite you to a personal session with me.  It will change the way you see yourself.

                              Showing women at their best. Most beautiful, strongest, sexiest, and most confident.  Giving young ladies confidence in themselves through simple, natural portraits.                                              Reminding mature women how beautiful & sexy they are at any age & shape.  Capturing the bond between friends, sisters, mother & daughters,  and generations of women.                               Giving you portraits you will share for a lifetime and beyond.

That is what “Beautiful You” is all about.

                                                Simple, natural beauty to elegant and glamourous. Sweet, sassy & sexy as you want to be.   Alluring. Appealing.  Playful. Dazzling. Sophisticated.                                                                          And most of all, EMPOWERING.  Let me show off your unique beauty and give spark to your step!

What to wear

For many women, this is playing dress up & your fashion model experience!  So bring your favourite outfits from casual to elegant.  Jeans & a variety of tops.  Skirts, blouses, fitted tops and camisole’s.  That dress you only got to wear once!  (Or still hangs in the closet waiting for that special night!)  Now is the time to show it all off!   I’ll help to decide which outfits to wear when you get here.   You may not get to wear them all, but it’s good to have lots to choose from to go with the backdrops, settings & posing.  Usually have 3-4 outfits on during the shoot.

                               Avoid baggy tops. Loose tops will be clipped in tighter to show off your figure.  Loose tops only add weight.   I know that scares a lot of ladies.  But don’t worry.                                                                It’s my job to pose you and  hide the bumps & rolls! You are going to look fabulous!

These images are from the waist up, so you do not need to bring any shoes.

If you want to have some sassier images, lingerie, matching bras & panties are great!  Remember this. You don’t have to be nude or even nearly nude to create an alluring image!

***IMPORTANT   – Bring different under garments to suit each top or dress.   Nude, black or strapless bras may be required.

Jewelry is always great!  I find dazzling earrings & rings & bracelets are best.

Hair & Make-up

We all want our hair as perfect as we can be, so you may consider a visit with your stylist. And the same goes for makeup.  There is no rule as to what it should look like.  You know who you are and how glamourous you want to look.  You may want to go “out of the box” of your usually styling or you may want to keep it more every day you.  You may consider starting out simple & jazzing it up part way through the shoot as well.   A makeup artist could be arranged for an extra fee as well.  Whichever route you choose, always bring some make up with you for touch ups,                             and never forget the lipstick or lip gloss for retouching!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

A Beautiful You Portrait shoot begins at $275. 

Make-up Included. Experience what it’s like to be a magazine model or a celebrity for the day.