Beautiful You – My Story

Yes, that’s me. A self portrait. I love to photograph other women and show them how beautiful they are, boost their confidence and self esteem. That is why I started BEAUTIFUL YOU. But truth is, it’s very hard to see the beauty in my own self. I can find it easily in others, being on the other side of the camera, but I struggle in finding it in myself and I think most importantly, holding on to it. Like every other woman, I am very hard on myself, always battling my weight and cringing at my photos, hiding behind the camera.    Clients coming for their own Beautiful You shoot would ask where are the pictures of me. Here I am telling them how important it is to have a great picture of themselves, and I had nothing of myself.  So it was time for me to step up to the plate.  I had a lot of fun scurrying between the camera and the chair, battling timers/shutters/focus..etc…I took a zillion pictures, with about a dozen in focus at the end of it all.  But in the end I was really pleased with myself and saw something new in me. And it really has given me new confidence and determination for my daily life. Now I am going to hang one or two on my walls to remind me every day of the woman I am.
Btw, thank you to Cathy Allan Ladies Wear for the lovely green & black dress.      

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Kirk & Jessica’s Wedding at the Newcastle Town Hall

It was the end of August and finally the sun was shining and beautiful weather for a wedding with no rain in sight.  In fact, it really couldn’t get more perfect.  The day went nearly without a hitch (or limo ride lol) but it was smiles and laughter all day long.  Grandmas was kicking up the dance floor, brides were riding bikes and this photographer was going crazy with the gorgeous light coming through the windows at the Newcastle Town Hall.  One of my favourite spots to shoot and so happy to be there!!   And not to mention, the FOOD! OMG… this was amazing, a vegan meal by EC Catering from Peterborough.  WOWSA!   I was so happy to photograph Kirk & Jessica’s wedding, especially since I had photographed her brother’s wedding and several guests.  It’s always nice to be surrounded with friends when you are shooting.

Congratulations Kirk & Jessica!  To many happy years! Cheers!

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Ron & Liz Married at Iron Horse Ranch, Bethany with Kim Magee Photography

It was a gorgeous day in July at the Iron Horse Ranch near Bethany when two beautiful families united.

It was the day when Ron & Liz said “I do”.

The sun was shining bright, children where running about and laughter and love was in the air.  While married with a Christian ceremony, they also had some had some Jewish traditions brought in as well, like being married under the chuppah & breaking of the glass.   A relaxing evening was spent with friends & family with a meal provided by South Pond Farms.  I think Ron & Liz would tell you that it couldn’t get much better. (Except that one of Liz’s son’s couldn’t get there).

Congratulations!  Wishing you a long & happy life together.

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Stacey & Jeff’s Wedding Beaverton, Ontario

It was an ideal day in July for Stacey & Jeff’s wedding at their home in Beaverton. Blue skies & sunshine. It doesn’t get any better.

Men had axes.  Little boys had tug-o-wars.  (Weren’t those little gaffers charming?)

Stacey was radiant in her dress with a thousand tiny buttons and the ladies were beautiful in their shimmering gowns.  There was, I think, my favourite ever,  head table backdrop with the flowers and ladders. Loved that!   Mothers all cried while daughter danced with Dad.  There was an ideal sunset and a great bunch of friends of family to celebrate.

Thanks for having me. Best wishes for a long and happy life.

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