Jennifer & John Get Married at Settlers Village, Bobcaygeon

2018 marks the coldest & hottest days ever shooting a wedding.

Jennifer & John were lucky to be the HOTTEST!  (I know John will agree. They were the hottest! lol)

It was 44c,  with the humidex,  the day of their wedding.  We all moved slow, drank lots of water, sweated immensely but still the love of their day showed through.  It will always be remembered!

Congratulations Jennifer & John.   

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Dan & Kristy’s Wedding at Elmhirst Resort, Keene with Kim Magee Photography

It was another beautiful wedding at Elmhirst Resort near Keene, Ontario.


A fun wedding party and a fun family with a tug of war between Mother of the Groom & the Bride (bride’s wins, mom will share) makes for a wonderful day and the rain held off!!!

Congratulations, Dan & Kristy.  Wishing you many years of fun & happiness.

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Kayla & Josh Get Married at Celebrations, Lindsay, Ontario

I so love taking pictures for families I know.  It’s so much fun for me to visit with everyone and watch their family grow.  And so it was with the groom’s family, while they added the beautiful bride to their family!  (And it just so happened I know that bride is a beautiful gal inside & out!)  Josh & Kayla were married at Celebrations, in Lindsay.  Having use to be Queen Street United Church, it still had that beautiful church appeal but also made for a great reception area too!  It’s been many years since I took pictures next to the river and it has changed alot of those years, making it a fantastic new place for photos.  We also took a little drive (I”ll call it a MAD drive – you know what I mean, Jesse) to Ken Reid park for a walk over the boardwalk.  A perfect day!   Btw, Kayla, don’t forget to question your new sister-in-law about the blade in her hands!!  LOL It’s  Kristen & my secret!

Congratulation Josh & Kayla!  Many happy years ahead!

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Shelley & Blair’s Wedding at the Cardinal Golf Club, Newmarket, Ontario

Cloudy skies & rain scare many brides.  But not Shelley!  Went right to the last minute in deciding to continue with an outdoor service.  The gnarly dark sky was just beautiful for pictures and the tiny drops started to come as Blair & Shelley were signing the papers…opening to a full down pour by the time everyone got inside!  Good timing for sure!    And all that rain led to a beautiful evening with misty hanging low over the golf course.  A photographers treat!

Congratulations Shelley & Blair.  Wishing you many years of happiness!

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