Dan & Krysten’s Wedding at the Polmenna Barn, Campbellford, Ontario

It was my first wedding of the season and could not have asked for a more perfect day.  Blue skies, sunshine, warm & breezy.

This was Dan & Krysten’s wedding day at the Polmenna Barn near Campbellford.   This was my first time at the barn and would love to go back again.  It was a gorgeous location and I highly recommend it.  Not to mention you are close to Dooher’s Bakery & World’s Finest Chocolates.  All local favourites  served at Dan & Krysten’s wedding!

They got married under the willow tree surrounded by their crazy friends and family. (pictures to prove it lol) A great bunch who made the hike to the top of the hill for a picture!  Thank you!

Take note of those gorgeous table bouquets.  Many, many hours of folding & gluing the pages of harlequin romance novels to make those flowers!  All done by the bride!!  Way to go girl. I am in love with those!  But I think my favourite part of the day was the evening.  With a gorgeous sunset and pretty golden light for pretty, pretty pictures of the bride & groom!  OHH,  how I love that golden light!

Congratulations Dan & Krysten.  May you have many, many happy years ahead!

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Beautiful You, Modern Glamour Portraits

Check out Kara’s session of her Beautiful You portraits!

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Julia’s Story, The Beautiful You Experience with Kim Magee Photography

When someone asks, “What are these new pictures you are doing?”  I always give them my little blurb on how it is your time to be a fashion model, get your hair done, put on some make up and pretty clothes. Smile and laugh with your daughter or your friends.  Play dress up.  Let me bring out all the beauty in you.  I have lots to say, but its really in the photos.  And I think in this story.  My good friend Julia was my model one day and her story will have you laughing & in tears.  This is your experience.  This is what Beautiful You is all about.  Please read  Julia’s story of her day!

“My professional photographer friend Kim Magee is soooooo special !!!!!!!!!!
I was staying at her place while in Lindsay and she needed a model to practice her new moves with the camera!!!
What she needed was a good old, 55 year, menopausal hag!!
This shoot was fairly early in the morning before I was heading to work.
She MADE me put on some of her mascara, she MADE me put on a tiny bit of her blush and a little smack of lipstick.
She MADE me wear one of her dresses (you know me….. and its probably not mine!!!).
She MADE me…………………….. suddenly feel fantastic !!!!!
Kim MADE me feel good about me!!!!!! That is something i hadn’t been in touch with for a long time!
NO lights, just the morning sunshine coming in through the sliding glass doors and bouncing light off styrofoam panels!!!
She MADE me WORK!!!…. tilting my head….moving my hands here and there……looking into into the camera……. smile……don’t smile!!!
Work it baby!!!
It is rare…. to find a photograph of Julia!
Never in my life have I had my picture taken by a professional photographer! My grade school pictures really don’t count and they never get shown around!!!
Kim made me feel fantastic that day…. the passion she exudes while she works is contagious!!!
I felt great about myself for hours and even days later. I held my head higher than I had in years and I hadn’t even seen my pictures yet!!!!
Thats why I’m posting this picture of ME…cause maybe I ain’t so bad after all!!”

No, Julia, pretty damn fabulous, you are!  (please forgive me, my friend, for posting the other picture lol)




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BEAUTIFUL YOU – Modern Beauty Portraits by Kim Magee Photography, Lindsay, Ontario

Something has been stirring in my artistic thoughts for several years now and its finally coming to light! I am so excited to share, BEAUTIFUL YOU. Contemporary, natural light portraiture showing woman at their best. Their strongest, sexiest and most confident. Building confidence & self esteem in young ladies through simple, natural portraits. Reminding mature women how gorgeous and sexy they are, despite age & shape. Capturing the bond between friends, sisters, mothers & daughters and generations that will be adored and shared for a lifetime and beyond. Showing all women how BEAUTIFUL YOU are.     



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