The New Look of Kim Magee Photography, Wedding & Portrait Photographer, Lindsay, Ontario


It’s a new year and time for some changes. Time to freshen things up and get everyone excited about Kim Magee Photography. So I thought I would start with a new card and a new logo. I have been “Classic, Contemporary, Creative (thanks to Danielle Vernon for designing that many many years ago) and I’ve “Captured What You Seen and Felt”. I always felt those words described me well. Nothing boring, but still classy and won’t go out of style.  Have fun and capture great moments in your life.  But what I have heard most often over these past 23 years is that I made you feel good. Made you comfortable. Made you feel your best. Which is what opened you up to your best pictures. It is really flattering to me as both a photographer and especially as a woman that I have done that for you. So 2017, my 24th year in business, I launch a new logo that comes right from you.  “Look and Feel Your Best”.  I have more coming in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes posted to my website and to Facebook.    Right now  I have a contest on Facebook. So please join the fun.  Share more of Kim Magee Photography with your friends and you could win free pictures!  kimmageephoto@gmail.com  call or text 705-324-3233

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Julie & Adam’s Wedding at the Oshawa Golf & Curling Club with Kim Magee Photography

I am so lucky for the job that I have.  Just spending my days with happy people on one of the best days of their lives.  Who could ask for more?

And Julie & Adam were no exception.  Both families so much fun and Adam’s family – well check them out.  The dancing crowd.  Who wouldn’t want to be married into that one?  And Groovin’ Gramma??  Ya!!!

Keep your life as happy as that day!!  Congratulations!  Thanks for having me there.
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Teri-Lynn & Doug’s Wedding at Lazy Daze B&B

A beautiful fall day, at the peak of the fall colours,  in one of the prettiest parts of Ontario.

That was Doug & Teri-Lynn’s wedding day at Lazy Dayz B&B near Orillia.   Just add a little breeze.  And a little chill.  Here is their story!   I only wish I had a video of the father-daughter dance!  Well done!!!

Congratulations and best wishes for a long life together.
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Jackie & Isaac’s Wedding at Dowswell Barn near Woodville, Ontario with Kim Magee Photography

It was another wet day this year for Jackie & Isaac’s wedding at the Dowswell Barn near Woodville, Ontario.

I started out my day with the girls getting ready at the Manilla Church B&B.  Such a pretty spot, with beautiful light and great space.  A superb place for the girls to get together.

Jackie & Isaac (and I’m guessing their families and friends) put in alot of hard work to make a memorable ceremony at an old family church that has been closed down for years!  Their reception was held at the Dowswell Barn near Woodville – a huge space with lots of room for a party!!!   And I am sure that party carried on well into the night!

Congratulations guys!   Wishing you a long and happy life together!  (They say the rain was good luck!) 01ji-blog 02ji-blog 03ji-blog 04ji-blog 05ji-blog 06ji-blog 07ji-blog 08ji-blog 09ji-blog 10ji-blog 11ji-blog 12ji-blog 13ji-blog 14ji-blog 15ji-blog 16ji-blog 17ji-blog 18ji-blog 19ji-blog 20ji-blog 21ji-blog 22ji-blog 23ji-blog 24ji-blog 25ji-blog 26ji-blog 27ji-blog 28ji-blog 29ji-blog 30ji-blog 31ji-blog 32ji-blog 33ji-blog 34ji-blog 35ji-blog 36ji-blog 37ji-blog 38ji-blog 39ji-blog 40ji-blog 41ji-blog 42ji-blog 43ji-blog 44ji-blog 45ji-blog 46ji-blog 47ji-blog 48ji-blog 49ji-blog 50ji-blog 51ji-blog 52ji-blog 53ji-blog 54ji-blog 55ji-blog 56ji-blog 57ji-blog 58ji-blog

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